More About Me

Dedicated to Service

My primary objective is to provide exceptional service to my clients. I am fully committed to ensuring that your objectives are met and that your transaction and transition proceed seamlessly. Recognizing that each transaction and client is unique, I work collaboratively with you to define your goals and develop a tailored plan for achieving them. Throughout the entire process, I am readily available to assist, whether it involves coordinating with appraisers, inspectors, or negotiating on your behalf. My extensive experience and expertise enable me to effectively communicate outcomes and explore all available options with transparency and integrity. I firmly believe that the client is paramount in every real estate transaction.

Extensive Knowledge

With my initial licensing dating back to 1975, I possess a wealth of experience in real estate. While the industry has evolved considerably over time, the fundamental principles remain unchanged. My longstanding familiarity with real estate contracts, from the simplicity of one-page agreements to the complexity of contemporary legal frameworks, provides a solid foundation for navigating the intricacies of today's contracts. Keeping abreast of the frequent changes in real estate contracts is imperative, and I am dedicated to staying current to better serve my clients.

Innovative Solutions

Despite the contractual nature of real estate transactions, creativity plays a crucial role. Challenges inevitably arise, demanding focused attention on solutions that align with everyone's interests. I approach negotiations with a problem-solving mindset, fostering collaboration among all parties involved to reach mutually beneficial outcomes.

Areas of Expertise

• Seniors Real Estate Specialist: Trained to address the unique needs and concerns of senior clients.
• CPRES (Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist): Certified to handle probate real estate transactions.
• PFAC (Professional Fiduciary Association) Affiliate Member: Engaged in professional networks to better serve clients' needs.
• Certified Luxury Home Specialist: Specialized expertise in luxury real estate transactions.
• TAN (Top Agent Network): Ranked in the top 5% of agents in Sonoma County.

Community Involvement

Past President, Sebastopol Area Senior Center: Active involvement in community leadership and advocacy.

Personal Background

My Love of Sonoma County - We moved from San Jose to Sebastopol in 1988 to give my daughter room to run and enjoy a small town environment. Little did I realize how much I would love the area in which we live. To this day I am amazed at the beauty of our county. It is my great pleasure to show people the many different areas including the river, ocean, redwoods, rolling hills, and vineyards. Our land is so diverse.